NEXT WORKSHOP – LEVEL 1 & 2 –  Saturday March 24th 2012.

~~~~~12pm-2pm : Level 1. €29.00~~~~~

~~~~~3pm-5pm: Level 2. €29.00~~~~~



Level 1 – Radio Presentation Basics.

Level 2 – ‘The Thinking Behind The Talking’.


I’m not going to BS you with a load of statistics about how the great radio presenters in the world do this or do that.

It doesn’t matter because you are you and you do what you do.

Sure we can learn from them, but the only person you need to hear is yourself.

That’s what Level 2 is all about – you and the words you use.

* Why do some presenters unconsciously bully their listeners?

* Why do some come across as needy?

*How come one presenter connects and another doesn’t?

It’s the words you use along with the pace and tone.


The words say a lot about you and your message.

You are unconsciously projecting yourself onto your listener through the words you use.

Know how words work and watch your relationship with your listener develop.


I’m Brian McColl.

It’s my pleasure to present this two-hour Radio

Presenter Workshop.

We step it up a level in this Workshop Series – you know the basics, you work the basics with your eyes closed. Now we delve into the subtleties between good presentation and essential listening.

* Why we say what we say on air.

* The psychology behind the words we use.

* Why listeners laugh and why sometimes you should not!

* How to be an effective communicator. Get your message across.

* Don’t bully your Listener.

* Using Emotional Intelligence to connect with your Listener.

* Methods used to find your True Radio Voice.

* How to be the Real You on air and deliver your best performance.

* How to behave and move forward within your radio station.

Why do some listeners say that they love listening to a certain presenter?

I can tell you now, it’s not because they’re masters at One Element Per Link!

It’s the connection made through words, tone and pace.

In the Radio Presenter Workshop Level 2, you will learn how to access your own true personality and vocalise it.

2012 Series – We’re up & Running from Feb!!

Feb 1st – Dublin – 7-9pm – ‘Level 2 Workshop’.

March 2012 – Level 1 & 2. Dublin.


~~~~~~  €29.00 For Level 1 or 2  ~~~~~~

~~~~~~ €50.00 for BOTH Levels ~~~~~~


Radio Workshop CD – 50 Minute, Studio Recorded Workshop.


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BmacMedia – Happy to be part of DCU Media Week 2011



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